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DreamStone Mining is a British diamond exploration company operating in Botswana, one of the top ranking diamond mining countries, with over +65 years of exploration experience. Currently focussed on the Orapa BK04 kimberlite, a bi-lobate, +/- 5-10 hectare diamondiferous pipe in Central Botswana.

BK04 is classified as a magmatic, macrocrystic monticellite kimberlite with reported diamond grades in the Diluted upper portion of between 1-5cpht.

Basic modelling of the CSAMT indicates the potential presence of 2-3 feeder pipes at depths over 200m, with the SE pipe showing clear continuity.

The presence of an eclogitic garnet/diamond population is an upgrading factor.

The unresolved size of a clearly diamondiferous kimberlite indicates that further work is required to more accurately determine the geology and grades, particularly at depths below 150m. The internal geology, particularly of the upper portions of the pipe, appears to render interpretation of the geophysics and diamond content difficult.

Deep (i.e.~360m) core drilling and micro-diamond sampling is planned in order to more accurately constrain the geological model and the interpretation of diamond content studies.


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